2. HDPE prestressed plastic flat corrugated pipe production line


      Flat corrugated pipe production line can make 2-flat, 3-flat, 4-flat, 5-flat.
      Being used as hole-making pipe of prestressing force tendon, it is resistant to erosion and has excellent physical properties such as no electric conduction, preventing from erosion of trifle electric current, airproof, rust resistance, low load, anti-leakage, high intensity and stiffness, resistance to impact and jam on, as well as reducing the loss of the prestressing force in the course of swelling and stretching.
      The products of this unit are widely used in projects with concrete such as cloverleaf junction of expressway, viaduct, railway, bridge and so on.
      When change certain moulds and mould blocks, this extrusion line can produce such single-wall corrugated pipes as pipes of PP, PE, EVA, PVC, etc.
      This line has filled the technical gap in this field in China.
      Pipe diameter range: 50-60 mm

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