2. HDPE presses plastic round corrugated pipe production line


      HDPE reinforced corrugated pipe extrusion machine
      Plastic HDPE prestressed corrugated pipe making machine, corrugated pipe extrusion machine
      As a new type of holed mateial, prestressed single wall corrugated pipe has many advantages compared with metallic corrugated pipe.
      It is acid resistant, alkali resistant, it has good sealing property, there is no seepage for water or page, its rigidity is rather high. Its frictional coefficient is small. It is ageing proof, electric erosion proof, it has good soft flexibility. It can not be easily broken by a diging bar. It is convenient for connection in construction.
      So it has overcome all shortcomings of traditional metallic corrugated pipes. Such kinds of pipes are originally imported from oversea with rather high price and long time delivery.
      Facing such status, Zhangjiagang saiou machinery Co.,Ltd has positively absorbed and introduced technique of foreign equipment and depend on relative research institutes and developed production line of chiefly HDPE prestressed single wall corrugated pipe, the specification ranges from 50-160mm.
      This item has filled national gap. This will undoubtly facilitate application of prestressed single wall corrugated pipe. It will also bring a lot of profit for producers of relative finished products.
      1) Round pipe production line

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