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      PVC plastic profile production line


      pvc plastic profile production line Detailed Product Description
      1: the profile extusino line mainly used for making different kind of door and window profile
      2: can be used for making PVC and WPC window profile, hollow profile, fence, ceiling profile and others.
      3. The unit is composed of conical double-screw extruder, vacuum moulding table, haul-off, cutter and stack rack
      4:  quality certificate: CE and ISO9001-2000
      5. The unit is optimized in design, referring to the newest foreign technology.
      6. The unit has the advantages of even plasticizing, small velocity of cutting, high output, long service-life and so on.
      7: Customer: have already been exported into Slovakia, Turkey and others.

      1. have a good physical performance, durable time is some times longer than wood products.
      2. Light, good processing performance, wearable and good plasticity
      3. Antibiotic, corrosion resistance, hard transmutation;

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