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      PP PET packing strap production line


      1.PET production line for packing belt is new equipment developed by our company ,by combining the characteristics of our
      plastics product trade ,colletting advantages of the same type machine made in domestic and overseas markets and repeating
      practice in production.
      2.The machine adjusts is conversion motor as power source .
      3.The mechanical transmission adopts soft connection.
      4.Its rotation is exact and smooth,saving power and low noise.
      5.PET has advantages ,such as good stiffness,high temperature resistant ,its specific gravity is 1/5 the one of steel.
      6.It is mainly suitable for packing for various trades.
      7.Its characteristics:high tensile strength ,small percentage elongation,resistance to impact,not easy to be broken ,cheap,good
      softness, convenient operation,safe and reliable .
      8.In the world ,it is an ideal subsitute of steel belt.
      9.It is widely used in papermanking,wooden products,textile cotton and fibre ,color metal, canned products, chemical ,metallurgy,power cable, aluminium.
      10.Plastics shaped materials and other products and various kind of trays.
      11.The use of the product is convenient, it can adopt common steel fastening for connection.
      12.It also is suitable for various kinds of hand-operated of table packing machine and large auto packing machine of enterprises.
      13.It adopts hot-melting connection.

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