2. PET bottle recycling line


       PET bottle recycling line

      PET bottle flake recycling machinery is used for recycling plastic PET bottles,baled pet bottles. 

      Detailed Product Description:


      1)     PET bottle washing machine

      2)     To recycle PET bottles into clean flakes

      3)     Moisture<1-3%, impurity-300PPM

      4)     Capacity: 300-2000kg/h


      Usage of PET bottle recycling line



      This washing and recycling machinery mainly used for dealing with waste PET bottle, mineral water bottles, pesi bottles, juice bottles etc.

      After that it can get good quality clean PET flakes which will be used for polyester stable fibre, strap, filament, sheep, films, even bottle to bottle process.


      Advantages of machinery

      The final products are clean and clear flakes or film scraps; they can be used for down stream production.

      When process PET bottle, final flakes humidity below 3%, impurities less 300ppm, PVC content 150ppm. The whole line’s capacity is between 300kg/h-2000kg/hour.

      1. The parts which are contacted with water or raw material is made of SUS304 or 306 stainless steel, thickness more than 3mm, to ensure long service time.
      2. World famous Electronic & Mechanical components, such as NSK or SKF bearings, SIEMENS contactor, Omron temperature controller, ABB inverter, Siemens PLC controller.
      3. The whole production line with CE safety certification, and ISO9001 certificate.


      Following requirements are needed in installation of a complete plastic recycling system :



      - How much capacity needed of this line?

      - Defining the amount of spoilage or contamination in the recycled material.

      - Defining the final usage of the finished product. 

      Based on these specifications we would design and manufacture a complete modular system for the application. 

      One complete plastic recycling system maybe consists of:



      1. Bale breaker: For debale the baled PET bottles or HDPE/PP bottles or other rigid plastics.

      2. Belt conveyor: Transport materials

      3. Trommel: To separate out the rack contamination thing, like stone, dirt, bottle caps, rings, etc.

      4. Belt conveyor: Convey material to next process

      5. Label remover: To remove the labels which are just covered on bottles and sealed in one side by hot shrinkage air.

      6. Metal detector bridge: For detection of NE metal and protect the granulator and washing components.

      7. Manual Separation table: For separate the foreign materials manually and sort out different colors of bottles.

      8. Crusher: Crush the materials to flakes of 15mm (two series: one for PET, one for PP/PE)

      9. Hot washer: clean the materials in hot water, sometimes with some chemicals

      10. Washing tank: For separation of the flakes with a specific density of <1g/cm^3 from >1g/cm^3 or in contrast to separate the flakes with a specific of > 1g/cm^3 form <1g/cm^3

      (PET >1g/cm^3 and PP/PE <1g/cm^3)

      11. Screw feeder: transport material and as well as for rub them for surface cleaning.

      12. Friction washer: Surface clean the materials (two series: one for PET, one for PP/PE)

      13. Dewatering machine: for mechanical surface drying of the material flakes with rotating roller ( two series: one for PET, one for PP/PE)

      14. Blowing and drying system 

      1). For discharging and transporting the material from the dryer

      2). For final drying of the material to the necessary residual level for down stream material processing

      15. Cyclone silo:

      1). for separation of dust and fine material to achieve a better quality final product

      2). Storage for the final products

       We can design a complete line according to different customers needs or application, it can be a simple line or a completely line.

      Main Advantage  

      Low energy consumption; High output; Applicable and reliable; Cotrol system of adopting full automation and simple convenient operation. 



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