2. HDPE/PP double wall corrugated pipe extrusion machine


      HDPE/PP double wall corrugated pipe extrusion machine,
      1) Specification: 90-200mm
      2) It's made of extruder, die head, forming module, forming machine, cutter, stacker, etc.
      3) We can make the machine according to your requirements.
      1. This kind of corrugated pipe is mainly used for underground water drainage system.
      2. It is fully computer/instrument controlled, automatic production line. It features high and stable output capacity, and highly automatic operation.Our production range is Φ90~Φ200mm.
      3. Different types of extruders can be selected to match with the production line according to the material properties.
      4. The forming system of this line consists of mould and corrugator. The mould blocks can be easily changed and they may have air or water cooling system. The belling process can also be realized on line. High precision cutting can be guaranteed by rotation type cutting machine.

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